Tree Selection and Installation

We’ll help select the tree species that best suits your needs and desires.  While this is very important to us we must also consider the needs of the tree species selected.  It is important to consider which plants thrive in which environments.  We look at soil conditions, drainage in the area, slope, erosion, micro climates, hours of direct sunlight and other factors that can hamper or inhibit the plant from growing its full potential. We also provide “after-care”: Organic fertilizers, watering and early pruning to help establish a structurally sound and healthy tree.  At Cambium Tree expert, we’ll develop a custom plant health care program to suit the individual needs of your property. Call us to learn more or schedule an appointment.

New Construction & Preventing Damage to Trees

The smallest amount of construction activity can cause irreversible damage to large numbers of trees.  Cambium Tree Expert can help you develop a tree protection program by performing a preliminary evaluation to help prioritize tree protection.  During construction, we’ll monitor the site to make sure plan specifications are met and once construction activities are complete, we will provide post construction care to help reduce the impact on the trees.

A tree protection plan is an excellent tool for maintaining the overall vision, health, safety and aesthetics of a landscape.  Our arborists can help you manage your projects from start to finish in all areas critical to tree health.

Organic Fertilizer

We offer a full line of tree, shrub, and garden fertilizers that are all custom mixed for your specific plant needs.

Root Collar Excavation

This is a photo of a tree with what we call Volcano Mulching. So if your tree is mulched like this call Cambium Tree Expert we can help.

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